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Book Announcement:


My Sweetest Libbie



Details of Life in

Put-in-Bay, Lakeside and Detroit

in 1886-87, Seen Through Love Letters


Letters Between

Libbie Magle and Alex Bruce


Jean Gora, Editor




99 pages, 20 Illustrations, $13.95


NOW AVAILABLE - Click to Order


First Time Ever in Print





This is a heart-warming story of a courtship and of Lake Erie Islands history in 1886-87, seen through the never-before-published letters of two young adults, Libbie Magle and Alex Bruce.


Libbie and Alex were both from Put-in-Bay, but Alex worked on the mainland for awhile before finding full-time  work on Put-in-Bay. He spent considerable time in Lakeside, Detroit and a few other places before returning permanently to Put-in-Bay and Libbie.


Have you ever wondered what island life was really like in the 19th century? Well, this is the best story of early island life ever written, and also contains a lot of detail about Alex's life in Lakeside.


The book also contains some interesting references to Middle Bass Island, and why Libbie wanted to go there.



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