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The Ice Party Near the North Bass Shore, Between Middle Bass and North Bass

 February 1, 2003


The Ice Party on February 1

Off the south shore of North Bass Island, over 200 people and lots of 4WD vehicles of all types gather for an ice party.

Lots of Vehicles on the ice

They came from all the major islands including Pelee, as well as from Catawba, Marblehead and Sandusky.

Jim, Carrie and Dale

Dale, Justin and Jen

Justin Sitting in Nellie Bell

Nellie Bell is Dale's 1929 Model A. It's the last Model A outfitted as an ice car on Lake Erie.

More People Using Nellie Bell

Nellie is always popular as a backdrop for pictures. Justin is still inside, but harder to see.

Fire on the Ice.

And food on the fire. Gourmet Menu:

1. Soup, made by mixing all the different cans everyone brings into one vat or turkey fryer

2. Hot Dogs, grilled on the "Fire on the Ice"

3. Hot Spiced Wine

Justin and Sophia

The Middle Bass Boys

Well, we couldn't put this North Bass party on this site without a special Middle Bass picture, could we?

Sophia's Birthday Cake

The Girls


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