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July 25, 2003

Small Canadian Islands North of the Bass Islands

Hen Island (& the Chickens), East Sister Island, North Harbor Island


The total distance for this 2 hour boat trip from Middle Bass, as measured by my GPS, was 29 miles. Since it is three miles from Roesch's marina on Middle Bass to the green can channel buoy beyond East Point if you follow the shore of Middle Bass, it's a 23 mile round trip from the buoy.


The pictures are of the following islands: Hen, Big Chicken, Chick, East Sister and North Harbor. Hen and North Harbor are inhabited. The Quinnebog Club on Hen Island looks much the same as it did in an 1898 picture. If you click on the link to the 1898 picture, there are more links to information about Hen Island and the Quinnebog Club.

Big Chicken Island and Chick Island

These tiny, flat and treeless islands are to our west and barely visible as we are approaching Hen Island

Hen Island

Approaching Hen Island from the south. Little Chicken Island is marked by a buoy and is underwater at this time, but reappears from time to time.

Hen Island South Shore

There is a third building on the right of the other two, but difficult to see through the trees

The Quinnebog Club on Hen Island

This has not changed much from the 1898 picture elsewhere on the site. See the link above.

Close-up of the Quinnebog Club

Note the group of little fishing boats. The small print states "Old Hen and Chicken Islands".

East Sister and North Harbor Islands

View while heading northwest from Hen Island

East Sister Island

Uninhabited except for thousands of birds, East Sister has a lengthy shoreline.

North Harbor Island

This has one home and a storage shed on it, built by Jack McCann of Port Clinton many years ago. He was also the builder of Fisherman's Wharf at Port Clinton. And he got into quite a bit of trouble because during construction, neither the people nor the materials ever went through Canadian customs.

North Harbor Island, southeast corner

Near the dock are a cement mixer and a steam shovel. Where else can you find a truck with NO other vehicles within 6 miles?

North Harbor Island, northeast corner

You can see the house and a storage shed

North Harbor Island, northwest corner

A different view of the house and the storage shed

Passing Chick Island and Hen Island on the way home

Chick Island is in the foreground, with Hen Island behind it. This view is to the northeast, as we were heading southeast from North Harbor Island back to Middle Bass.



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