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The Ferry "Erie Isle" to Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island



Also known as Erie Isle 2 because of an earlier boat with the same name, the ferry was christened by Miss Mary Ann Schneider of Middle Bass Island on Monday, August 20, 1951 in Cleveland. George Lonz originally had a financial interest in the boat. Captain Parker owned some of the stock and ultimately was able to quietly gain 56%, most of it from fellow islanders. When Captain Parker acquainted Lonz with the ownership ratio, he stated, “At first, George looked extremely surprised and chagrined and then broke into a smile and congratulated me for having ‘put one over’ on him.” With the exception of eight shares, which were listed in the ultimate estate (and Parker bought that from the execu­tors), it wasn’t long before Lonz sold him what remained.


Ferry Erie Isle, undated

Ferry Erie Isle, front of 1953 schedule

Ferry Erie Isle, front of 1958 schedule

Ferry Erie Isle, front of 1960 schedule

Ferry Erie Isle, front of 1962 schedule

Ferry Erie Isle, back of 1962 schedule



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