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Assorted Photos from October, 2003


Ballast Island Through Foliage

Oct. 13, 2003

East Point Through Foliage

Oct. 13, 2003

Low Water at the Beach by the New Airport

The water was already low before the 40 knot gale from the west started 24 hours before this picture, but with the added wind tide, there was a lot of beach visible again. Oct. 13, 2003

Panorama from the Curve in the Road at the Marsh

Note the newly cut trees betrween the road and the airport. Oct. 15, 2003

The Reef at East Point

Oct. 15, 2003

Panorama of East Point Taken from the Reef

Note the zebra mussel "dunes". Oct. 15, 2003

Fall Foliage at the Bretz Farmhouse

Oct. 15, 2003

Sunset over Rattlesnake Island, from the Middle Bass Club

Oct. 15, 2003

Sunset over Rattlesnake Island, from the Middle Bass Club

Oct. 15, 2003

East Shore Sunrise, with only a small band of clear sky at the edge of the horizon

Oct. 16, 2003

East Shore Sunrise, with the sun disappearing upwards as it moves into the cloud layer

Oct. 16, 2003

Vandalism at the State Park?

We were picking up friends at the ferry Saturday morning and noticed that the State Park sign was missing. I thought it was due to wind, but was told that it was stolen. Oct. 17, 2003

State Park Main Lawn

Oct. 17, 2003



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