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Old Lonz Home and Winery on Lonz Road

(just east of the cemetery)

being prepared to be torn down

Sept. 30 & Oct. 13, 2003


The old Lonz house and winery on Lonz Rd. have been in a state of disrepair and abandonment for many years. The property is part of the property acquired by the state, and the buildings are being prepared for teardown.


The buildings have been mostly invisible during the summer because of foliage that hides them from ready view, but now that the trees have been cleared in preparation for tearing down the buildings, a few good pictures were possible.


The first six pictures were taken on Sept. 30, and are low-res.

The last four were taken on October 13, 2003, are high-res, and will be slow on a modem.


The Old Lonz Home

The Old Winery from the Outside

270 Degree panorama, facing west, of the upper level of the winery building (124K)

270 Degree panorama, facing south, of the lower (interior) level of the winery (258K)

This is a great picture with lots of detail to explore. Note the pile of old bottles in the center, and the varieties of machinery along the walls.

3 Buildings: The barn, storage building and home on Lonz Road (178K)

The winery is behind the home and not visible in this picture. The barn has the only vertical wall. The storage building leans south, and the home leans north.

The Barn (231K)

This is the only building that is fairly intact, and will therefore not be torn down



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