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Perry's Victory Monument Column to Reopen on Saturday August 26, 2006


(Received August 22, 2006)


For immediate release


Perry's Victory Monument Column to ReOPEN on Saturday!


Superintendent Andy Ferguson announced today that the 352’ column at

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial will once again be open

to the public. On Saturday, August 26, at 10 am the Perry's Victory

Monument will reopen after being closed for 64 days. The public is

invited to come experience the breath-taking view from the 317’

observation deck. On a clear day mainland Canada and Cleveland are

often visible as are the surrounding islands and coastline of Lake

Erie’s western basin. Of course, from atop the Monument, the location

of Perry's historic War of 1812 naval victory over a superior British

fleet is also very easily seen.


On June 22, a 500-pound piece of the fascia stone fell, crashing onto

the upper plaza in the evening hours. Fortunately no one was killed or

injured. A snow fence was immediately erected and the area posted.

Since that time it has been necessary to keep the Monument column closed

for fear that other pieces of Milford pink granite might become

dislodged, with more adverse results. The National Park Service has

since conducted two engineering studies leading to the determination

that the 13 fascia stones above the north entrance are quite secure.

The cause of the stone failure is generally being attributed to water

infiltration together with freeze-thaw cycles and their affects on

previous repairs, especially on the southwest corner.


By cordoning off the upper plaza with a chain-link security fence and

creating a protected walkway directly into the column, visitors can

safely enjoy a trip to the top of the tallest monument with an open-air

observation deck in the United States. Superintendent Ferguson said,

"With the safety measures that we have taken, we are now completely

confident that people can make the tour to the observation deck without



A chain-link security fence will remain in place around the upper plaza

until a temporary stabilization treatment can be put into place around

the other three sides. Meanwhile sandbags will be placed on the upper

plaza to "catch" any other pieces that might fall. This measure is

largely to protect the upper plaza from additional damage. A

comprehensive study of the entire monument structure is now in the

planning and the results will be used to determine the costs and best

way to repoint and repair the Perry's Victory Memorial in anticipation

of ceremonies and celebrations associated with the War of 1812 and the

Battle of Lake Erie.


The visitor center and grounds Perry's Victory Memorial have remained

open all summer, with interpretive programs and black powder

demonstrations continuing as scheduled. Events such as the Firelands

Symphony, the Barbershop Quartet concert and the 4th of July

Naturalization Ceremony have been well attended, but visitation is down

44% for the month of July. In addition to visitor’s spoiled vacation

plans, with the only source of income closed, Perry's Victory has

experienced form $500 to $1,500 a day in lost revenues.

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial is open 7 days a week

through the end of October. Summer times of operation are 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday thru Thursday, 10 am to 7 pm Fridays and Saturdays. After

Historic Weekend (September 9-10) check for changes in times. The

entrance fee is $3 for visitors 16 and over. Children are free.



Andrew J. Ferguson


Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial P.O. Box 549 Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

Office: (419) 285-2184

Fax: (419) 285-2516





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